Harnessing Motivation to Reach Your Goals

As we embrace Spring and Summer,  it's common for many of us to reflect on our goals and inspirations.
Did you know that 8 out of 10 New Year's goals and resolutions fail by February? 
At Planned and Proper, we understand the challenges of staying committed to your goals, which is why we're here to help you make yours stick!  
Here's how our planners can support you in achieving your goals:
Motivational Support: Reconnect with the words of inspiration you've chosen for yourself.   Take a look at your "Word of the Year," "Must Read Books," or "Favorite Quote" pages in your planner. These pages were designed specifically to uplift and motivate you whenever you need that extra boost of inspiration.
Daily Planning: Let's face it! Checking in and tracking your goals daily is not sustainable, but reviewing them monthly is much more manageable. Take a moment to review the goal section of your planner under the header "actions to take" as these are the areas that will help you build momentum towards your goals.
Accountability: Our planners serve as your accountability partner. Set deadlines, review your progress regularly, and stay committed to your journey.
Don't let the statistics discourage you. With Planned and Proper planners, you have the tools and support necessary to maintain and build upon your progress. 

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