Pen Loop Holder

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Now there's an easy way to keep your pen and planner together and ready for use at all times. These pen loops attach to your planner’s back cover with a sturdy clip and keep your favorite pen snugly attached for convenience at your desk or on the go.

Ideal for café planning sessions and work meetings, this clip frees up your hands - no more juggling a pen and a hot mug! Choose from blush or brown saddle toned leather. 

  • Keeps pen handy for jotting important notes
  • High quality metal and leather construction
  • Also perfect for notebooks and journals!

Customer Reviews

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I received this item as a gift along with replacement corner reinforcements for my planner. It's very well-made and beautifully classy. Brand new, the leather loop is slightly too narrow for my favorite pen, but I'm hopeful it will stretch a bit over time. It's nice that I can transfer it to future planners! I'm also really pleased with the customer service associated with my orders - Shea has been incredibly responsive and considerate!

Heather Anthony

Cute and functional! Doesn’t damage the planner cover at all!

Barbara Simmons

I love having the pen holder ,but why not just attach one to the planner when it is made?

Makes me feel special

Thanks for making me feel 'Put Together' everything fits beautifully!

Lisa Cornett
Great Idea

I think this is such a great idea! I use mine to clip the pages of my week together so I can quickly flip back to the month view.