Green Linen

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Available in two versatile formats: Weekly or Daily

At Planned and Proper, we understand the power of a well-organized life. Our weekly and daily planners are meticulously designed to help you seize each day with purpose and clarity. Whether you're a busy professional, a dedicated student, or a multitasking parent, our planners are your trusted companion in achieving your goals and staying on top of your priorities.

    • Dimensions: 7 x 9
    • Durable hardcover
    • Gold Metal coil binding
    • 14 Tabs
    • 2-page monthly calendar spread
    • Classic, modern cover designs to choose from
    • Extra journal pages
    • Space for vacation planning
    • Space for monthly expenses
    • Goal setting worksheets
    • Year-in-review pages

    ... and more

    • Emerald Linen cover is a linen blend cover that can stain with water. To clean your front and back cover, use a dry cloth or cotton T-shirt to rub out smudges gently. Your cover will look brand new all year long!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great annual planner!

This planner is exactly what I need, its attractive and clean and I can select what month I want it to start in. Very pleased - I've spent far more in the past on planners not half as good as this one.

Sharon B
Pretty & sturdy

Very well laid out planner. The binding and linen covers are sturdy, which I think will help them last a full year of use. Looking forward to using it all year long.

Christina B
Practical and beautiful

This is my first time using this planner, I enjoy it very much! I ordered the daily set up and it works perfectly for work scheduling purposes and personal as well as health goals…but not a lot of nonsense making the planner silly and cluttered like many others I’ve seen while researching. I would recommend, and purchase again. Many of my co-workers have commented on how beautiful it is.

Love It!!!

PP Delivers again, this is an Awesome Planner!