5 Questions That Will Add Clarity To Your New Year!


The new year is approaching and you must be ready.  Don't start 2019 without focus.  

New Year, New plans, New possibilities, right?   It's not just about the things you want to achieve in 2019.  It's also about the things you've learned in 2018 and I believe this wholeheartedly.







1. What am I grateful for in 2018?

Think and write down some people, situations, and things in your life that you're grateful for and how have they affected you.



2. What got in my way or slowed me down in 2018?

We all have something! multiple responsibilities, procrastination, bad habits?  How can you change these things for 2019? How can you move them out of your way?



3. What successes and accomplishments did I have in 2018?

Don't hold back here.  Celebrate all successes no matter how small.  One success will lead to the next.



4. What do I want to leave behind in 2018?

Bad habits, negative people, fear of growing?  



5. What do I want to carry over to 2019?

What are some changes you've made in 2018 that you want to keep?  What are some things your still working on?  Don't abandon them because its a new year, continue on your path as all good things take time.  




  Review your goals and plans.  The New Year is a great time for self-reflection. These questions will help you create a clear plan in order to stay on track all year long. 





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