Saying Goodbye and Accepting Change!


Saying Goodbye and Accepting Change


Last Year was difficult for Bailey Craft Planners. We had growing pains, huge learning curves, self-reflection and insight. It's been all us, trial, error, successes and failures. 

Let's be real here!


Starting and running this business was a huge, beautiful undertaking. We started in December 2015 via a successful Kickstarter campaign. In February 2016 our website launched and soon after we hosted at the National Stationery Show as well as multiple other amazing ventures. Along this journey we met many people and formed long lasting friendships. 


What's Changed?


We are saying goodbye to Bailey Craft Planners and starting a new journey. Our name is changing to BAILEY SHEA DESIGNS with a sole owner. We wholeheartedly believe that you must have a passion for something you're giving your heart to. 


Will this change anything?


No Way! The Simply Yours Day Planner, Journal Your Thoughts and coming soon Wedding Planners were created in order to help women establish and maintain a disciplined lifestyle with simplified organization. 

NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE without your support. Every purchase, every website visit, every email, every friend referral and every kind word. For that, I am GRATEFUL 

With Love,

Shea Bailey,
Bailey Shea Designs


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