Best Resources For Professional Women Who Tries To Juggle It All


I was speaking with a good friend of mine and she literally asked me, “How do you do it all?”  

My response:  Do What?

 Diving in a little deeper into her question, I realized that no answer would be totally good enough as each person's journey is unique, but I also wanted to share with her the various resources I use to make life a little easier for me. 

Juggling a successful career and a happy family life is no easy task.  Like most modern women, I want it all…. What’s so wrong with that? 

Just know that having it all comes with major responsibility and requires the ability to shift, change, adapt and modify things in your life in order to strike the right work-life balance.  Being a wife, mom, part-time career woman and full-time entrepreneur, I appreciate the importance of having these resources/methods as they save me time and provide tons of value.  I hope they bring value to you as well.


Here is my top list of time-saving resources....




Tone It Up is a website and free downloadable app that makes exercise so easy.  Lead by 2 women who have the same passion and dream for fitness and health.  Their exercises are all about toning your body and making you summer-dress ready. They also offer a paid membership nutrition plan.

 Best Feature:  

  • Every day they post a new exercise routine (doable in 10-12 minutes)
  • They alternate muscle groups like biceps on Monday and Quads on Tuesday to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Each video is short and easy to follow
  • You can do the exercises in the comforts of your home.  
  • It’s FREE!                                                                                                       

Time-Saving Factor:

Simple, effective toning exercises done in my home at any time.  No gym required


Full disclosure:  I reluctantly paid the $150 one time fee to access their nutrition plan once I found out that they offered a Gluten Free version. This plan is the easiest nutrition/not a diet program I’ve ever encountered.  I forever changed the way I eat and I love it. The meals are real, doable, healthy and I am never………did I say, never…… hungry.  




I absolutely love and use the Buddhify app for meditating.  Meditation brings me clarity, enhances my self awareness and helps me to focus on the present.  Like most women, I have a ton of projects and to-do’s to complete every day and I can honestly say that meditating just 3-4 times a week increases my work tolerance and clarity in everything I do.

Best Feature:  

-On-the-go meditation which can be done wherever you are 

-It allows you to choose areas that you need help with the most like sleeping and productivity to name a few.

-One time app download fee of $4.99 with no additional fees afterward

-No expensive monthly subscriptions unlike most meditation apps

Time-Saving Factor:

Guided Meditation at my fingertips in the comfort of my home.




Shutterfly offers free, unlimited storage and sharing of photos and videos.  

Love this because my phone gets bombarded with photos and videos and it uses up a ton of storage.  I simply upload them to Shutterfly and occasionally I order photo books and wall art for my home. The best part is my photos never has to be deleted in order to make room for more.

Best Feature:

-Free unlimited secure Storage

-If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get 101 FREE prints, 5 FREE MAGNETS and 1 FREE set of address labels and 1 FREE art print.  What a deal!

Time-Saving Factor: Shutterfly takes the guesswork out of making a photo book or any object you want your kids or family picture on.  All you gotta do is upload the photo and they will curate your chosen project. One and Done!




Color Story is a free photo editing app that quickly and easily filters and beautifies your photos.  They have paid photo filters but the free filters are amazing as well. 

Best Feature:

- Easily enhances photos for social media or printing 

- Includes over 20 Free tools

- Desktop options with Photoshop & Lightroom by Adobe, but not necessary.

Time-Saving Factor:  

Color Story makes this process easy. All you need to do is upload your photo and click on your filter.  No more trying to adjust your saturation, contrast, and lighting on every photo.



Shopping:,, and allows you to rent current fashions from everyday wear to a ball gown for a minimal fee.  It’s a great way to keep the clothes in your closet on rotation. Style Pass charges a one time fee of $49 that will get you 12 months of free styling.  They will send you a monthly box of 5 clothing items tailored to the style profile questionnaire you fill out.  You then get to try them on in the privacy of your own home.  If you don’t like your items you can send them back free of charge and free shipping.   

Best Feature: 

As a bonus, $49 is added as a credit to your account that will be applied to any purchase. 


I joined Stitch Fix for an entire year and have purchased multiple items.  What I loved was that if I was looking for something specific, I was able to send an e-mail to my stylist and she made it happen. is a search engine for fashion.  You can literally type in anything you're looking for and it will give you matches from every department store, designer brands and a variety of online shops.  You can also categorize it through price, size, color, store, brand, etc. 

Best Feature:  

-Super Simple

-You can see everything on one site as opposed to going to individual online shops




We all need a little help and Inspiration when it comes to recipes.  There are tons of clean eating websites but my favorite two that I follow on Instagram as well as visit their websites when I need some inspiration is by Angela Liddon and www.cleanfoodcrush by Rachel Maser 

Best Feature: 

They both post different recipes daily and they only use clean whole ingredients.  @cleanfoodcrush posts the recipe with each Instagram for meal.  Super easy!

Time-Saving Factor: Quick inspiration for easy healthy recipes.  Never disappointed



GROCERIES:  This one is no surprise here!


I use Amazon Prime weekly.  I simply order my groceries via my cell phone and within 2 hours my order is at my doorstep. I also use Harris Teeter and Sprouts to order my groceries for pick up.  My supermarket trips are far and few in between these days. I now use this extra time to build and grow this sweet little business of mine.  

Time-Saving Factor: Need I say any more!!!!


Please feel free to reach out and let me know what time-saving resources you use.  I would love to hear about them.

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