5 Ways to Use Your Paper Planner Effectively

Using a paper planner effectively can increase your organization, productivity and your life, but simply owning one isn't enough.


Here are 5 ways to use your paper planner effectively:


1. As soon as you get your planner, fill in all of your important upcoming dates such as meetings, events, and kids' schedules.


2.  Leave your planner open to review your daily plans.  If you travel with your planner, make sure your current page is easy to flip to. 


3. Check your planner daily and plan weekly.


4. Color coding is excellent for organization.  


In the front or back of your planner create a color code to follow such as.....

Meal planning: blue ink....

Doctor visits: green

Personal: purple

Kids: orange

Business tasks: red

Exercise: pink


No more than 5-6 colors recommended to maintain consistency.


5. Be specific with your steps.

Instead of "meet with Crystal", write down " meet Crystal at Starbucks at 12", This gives you a better vision of what your doing and time required.


Everyone is different and will use their paper planner to reflect their lifestyle.  One thing that remains constant is, if you take the effort and implement 1 or all of these  5 simple steps, you will save yourself time and be able to do what matters most.


Reply to this post and let me know how you use your planner effectively.


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I create block schedules to ensure that I don’t schedule things during time periods when I need to complete an important task or just relax.

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