5 Reasons Why I joined a Coworking Space!

Prior to considering a coworking space, renting an office for my business was out of the question. Most spaces were too big and way too expensive. When I started to research Co-Working Studios, I realized the benefits for me and my business immediately.




I would spend most of my afternoons and weekends in a library or a few selected coffee shops in my area. Working in libraries was fine, but they have limited seating, sans coffee, and at times the noise level was difficult to bear. Coffee shops were fine, but if you don't get there early enough your never able to get that prime spot. (You know, the table with great lighting and a coveted outlet nearby.) Personally, I would never use a table at a coffee shop and not purchase from them, so a cup of coffee or two and a blueberry muffin (gluten-free) which always costs more would cost me between $6 and $10.00 a day. That would run me $120 to $200 per month. WeWork, (my co-work studio) started at $250/month. What a deal!


After joining my coworking studio I realized that everyone there was either entrepreneurs or working for an entrepreneur. Any area of my business such as marketing, graphic design, social media, etc, there was an expert within the 4 walls. Once I joined, everyone was connected to an App and we were able to introduce ourselves, our business and offerings. We are also able to host events, seminars or whatever fits your business needs. The large open common areas have fully equipped kitchens with free coffee, tea, beer and Kombucha (I was so hyped about this). This fosters interactions and is a great opportunity to meet local business owners that you can connect with.


My Coworking studio is open 24/7 and no matter what time I arrive, I have a desk/space that's always available for me with built-in desk outlets ...... (oh the little things). This makes my work schedule flexible with never having to rush to get their early or wonder if table space is available for me. As an entrepreneur, I no longer want to be tied down to the 9-5 work schedule. Some days I only need to work 3-4 hours and others 7 hours plus. It's my choice and it helps me create the balance I need to be successful.


I don't know what it is, but being in a creative space with like-minded go-getters increases my focus and productivity. There are no interruptions, no one talking on their phones (My studio has designated private booths with seating and a desk if you need to be on your phone)... Amazing!


Growing your business and your team in a coworking studio is a win-win. WeWorks offers small offices all the way to large spaces that could fit over 100 employees. They are very accommodating and understands that businesses evolve over time. If you ever outgrow your space they will do everything they can to suit your needs.

This is my personal opinion as I am not an affiliate of WeWork. 

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