12 Tips For Managing And Reducing Stress


Let’s just face it.  In our current times, stress is inevitable and each person reacts to it differently.  Stress can enter our lives at any time such as sitting in traffic, in the workplace or in a relationship.  It's when you lack the ability to cope is when it affects you mentally, physically and emotionally.  


What can you change?  

You can change the way you act or respond to it.


Here are 12 simple techniques to help you manage and reduce your stress.


  • Know and understand what stressors trigger you:  Be aware of when you begin to lose energy, have increased anxiety, fear or anger.  Identifying this is the first step.  


  • Become and stay organized:  Planning ahead and being prepared makes you more efficient and less stressed.


  • Count to 10 or 20 before you respond or react to someone or a situation.


  • Practice Gratitude:  FYI: (A prompted gratitude journal can take you from 100 to 0 in seconds).


  • Talk to a friend or family member who makes you comfortable with sharing.


  • Go for a walk.



  • Calm the Chaos:  if possible, remove yourself from the situation, shut off your gadgets and be with yourself. 


  • Set healthy boundaries:  If you decide on a professional boundary of working only 9 Hours a day, stick to your decision.


  • Accepting the things you cannot change:  Stop, take a breather and accept it for what it is.


  • Meditation: Guided or self-guided can reduce your anxiety and improve your overall health.


  • Don’t be a perfectionist.  Perfectionism is a fear of failure and it’s a goal that can never be achieved.  Strive for excellence instead. (There’s more wiggle room there).


  • Take a break and take time for yourself. 



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