Invitation to Inspire!

As we move through 2022, being intentional with the goals you set for yourself allows you to prioritize and create a clear path. Whenever I'm in need of inspiration, I like to read about another's journey and the path they are creating for themselves. This is why one of my favorite books is In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney.  

Today I would love to share a few words on inspiration from women who lead with intention.



I'm using my planner to break down my very broad goal of having a fulfilling marriage with mutual respect, affection, intimacy, teamwork & love.

After 30 years of not planning the maintenance for such an important part of my life, it has suffered. I'm finding it helpful to schedule things my marriage needs, guided by my goal & the steps I broke it into. I do it for my business - isn't my marriage equally, if not more important?  




I have a few goals this year, but my main goal is my health and wellness.  

My focus is on:

  • Moving my body daily.
  • Getting enough sleep.
  • Eating low carbs and eliminating sugar.
  • Implementing intermittent fasting.
  • Taking time to read (my hobby).
  • Being intentional with connecting with a few important people in my life.

I'm learning to let go of perfectionism and embracing progress instead.




My goal is to rebrand my social media account (Instagram as the primary focus), refreshing my Career Mom Community Shop, and focusing on my fitness goals. The month of February was a bit unexpected, and some of my goals got pushed so that I could focus on new things that came up. However, I did see some growth for my business and was able to maintain consistency with my kids' academic schedules.

What makes me connected to this process?

I am connected to my goals; therefore, I am committed to doing the work to accomplish them!



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